Candidate Testimonial

Senior Commercial Banker - Regional Bank

Becky was exceptional throughout the whole recruiting process. She was transparent and proactive and provided detailed background information on the position.

The follow up and expertise of the banking field made me feel very comfortable. She matched my skills with the right job opportunity. It was very clear that she cared about the placement of her candidates and their future success.

Thank you for your dedication, Becky, and for being the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with.

Mortgage Processor

After unexpectedly being laid off I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I got on LinkedIn to try and get some leads on a new job. I happened to see a request from an Account Executive at The Newburgh Group to connect. Normally I don’t, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

I spoke with the Account Executive, and he was able to send my resume to a client by the next morning. They had me a phone interview lined up within a few hours!. It was with a small community bank in their mortgage department. The Account Executive was very understanding of my anxiousness in wanting a new job.

I have been working with my new company for a month now and love it so much. If anyone has an opportunity to work with The Newburgh Group, I highly suggest it! They are very professional and helpful with finding the right professional fit for you.

Deposit Operations-Sr. Vice President

I had reached a point in my career where there really wasn’t any opportunity for upward mobility. While I really wasn’t looking for opportunities in a new city, I also knew that my skills were not being fully utilized, therefore I really wasn’t happy where I was. Out of the blue Brandon shared an opportunity with me that was EXACTLY what I was dreaming would open up with my current employer, it just happened to be 6 hours away. I skeptically agreed to interview thinking it probably wouldn’t go anywhere. To my great surprise and satisfaction, I ended up with a new job, in a new city, and it is everything I had dreamed of and more! Thank you to Brandon for reaching out and connecting me with this opportunity. So happy it came my way!

Compensation Manager-Regional Bank

I wanted to move back into the Banking Industry after many years away.  I applied to a posting for the Newburgh Group and Becky walked me through the whole process.  She emphasized that the role and culture of the bank should fit me before we ever discussed pay.  The whole process from applying to the job to obtaining a job offer was seamless,  with Becky providing valuable advice to help me through the process.  This was the best experience I could have hoped for in a new job search.  With help and guidance from the Newburgh Group I found my dream job with a great company. 

Senior Vice President

The Account Executive with whom I worked was very knowledgeable, helped walk me through the process, and checked in with me throughout. By finding and contacting me, they made a match that ended up having a huge positive impact on my career and life. They also saved me what could have been a time-consuming and stressful job hunt. Dual-career situations, in which both partners are specialized, are hard to navigate. They helped turn what could have been a "trailing spouse" situation into an amazing opportunity for me. I could not be more excited about my new job.

Commercial Banker

From the first time that I spoke with The Newburgh Group I could tell that they were very detailed oriented, and they kept me in the loop from every step of the way. If I had to say anything, I would say that my Account Executive treated me as if I were his best friend (even family). I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new position.

Commercial Loan Officer – Regional Bank

In my many years of banking, I have been in contact and worked with many recruiters. Most seem to be in it for themselves and the next paycheck; however, The Newburgh Group was focused on the fit and the needs of both the individual and the client. A big key to success is surrounding yourself with successful people and finding a position that fits with your personal path to success. The Newburgh Group took it upon themselves to find that fit without jeopardizing the future of either party. I am sure the employees at The Newburgh Group look forward to their paychecks; however, they focus more on the personal relationship rather than the dollar value of the sale.

Retail Director – Regional Bank

Brandon Cooper at The Newburgh Group recognized an opportunity that met my skills and experience and quickly reached out to me. Even though I was not searching for a new job, he sold me on at least giving it some consideration. He was extremely professional throughout the interview and hiring process by staying in constant communication and working diligently toward a compensation package that worked for me and my new employer. Within a matter of a few short weeks, I have a wonderful new job that was not only an advancement from my prior position but provides even more opportunities down the road to grow as a banker and a leader.

Senior Vice President – IT and Bank Operations

I would like to thank The Newburgh Group for placing me in my "dream" job. They contacted me about 18 months ago about a position near Louisville. Normally, I wouldn’t consider making a move from my hometown, but just the "right words" were said to make me listen. The job has been more than I had ever hoped for. My new position has given me so many new opportunities, use of my skills and the pleasure of meeting many new friends. I have been surrounded with very talented peers and a support system from my manager, the President & CEO, the members of my staff and the Board. This would never have been possible without the persistence and exceptional courtesies shown by The Newburgh Group. Thanks again!!

Director of Business Development – Community Bank

I would like to thank you for all that you did to make this career move possible. It was a real pleasure working with you throughout the employment process. I have already shared with many people how you connected me with this job and I will continue to tell others how you were able to match my skills with the perfect position. It's amazing how a brief conversation over a year ago has led to this wonderful opportunity for me. I could be a testimonial to the fact that you just never know what will lead to success. Again, thanks for all you did for me.

President and CEO – Community Bank

The Newburgh Group worked very hard with me and the prospective bank. Instead of concentrating on just filling a position, Mr. Cooper spent a lot of time making sure the bank and I were a good fit. By putting in this extra effort, Mr. Cooper ended up with two very satisfied parties. If I have a position to fill in the future I would not hesitate to seek his services.

Senior Vice President – Community Bank

I just want to say how pleased I was with The Newburgh Group relative to your role in my placement in a Senior Vice President position with this community bank. You responded quickly to my original cover letter and resume submission in early February. I was impressed that you had done your homework, were equipped to directly discuss my past experiences, and followed up promptly with me, requesting a detailed profile. Though the recruitment timeframe was somewhat lengthy due to client considerations, you "rolled with the punches," stayed in contact with me, and were able to maintain control of the process. Thanks for your help in making this career match. I value the relationship and hope we can remain in touch in the future.

Client Testimonial

President - Community Bank

Working in a small market and finding the right employee today can be very challenging. The Newburgh Group met that challenge head-on finding us not one but three qualified candidates to interview. Our Account Executive David Shreve worked to make sure his recommendations were beneficial to both the bank and our future employee. I will be using the Newburgh Group again when we are looking for the right candidate to add to our team.

Thank you,

President/CEO - Community Bank

Human Resources Director - Large Regional Bank

When we began our search for a compensation professional, we reached out to several search firms given the tight labor market, etc. Becky and Brandon with The Newburgh Group immediately requested a call to understand what we were looking for. They were deliberate and persistent in finding the most qualified candidate for our role. They were one of the only firms that were able to find us candidates and continued to stay in touch each week even if they didn’t have a candidate to present! Working with The Newburgh Group was an excellent experience, they were professional, persistent, creative, honest and willing to work hard on our behalf!

Head of Administration and Operations, Regional Bank

I am very satisfied with The Newburgh Group approach to recruiting, really enjoyed how we worked together so well to find the right candidate for us, and even more excited about our results. 

President and CEO – Community Bank, Ohio

Brandon determined our needs and culture, worked to find the right candidate and confirmed the solution was correct. Clearly, he cares about finding a lasting solution for the bank as well as the candidate. I would certainly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.

President – Community Bank

When we started our search for a qualified candidate to assist me in our bank’s Credit Administration function, I contacted The Newburgh Group to find a seasoned credit person.

President and CEO – Regional Bank

The Newburgh Group recruited me for consideration and ultimately acceptance as a region president for a regional banking company. I subsequently engaged this firm to recruit key people for several critical positions that I needed filled. They diligently located and recruited quality staff for me. With former bankers included on its staff, this company was able to communicate in banking terms with potential candidates.


The Newburgh Group is a true professional organization and does not leave details to chance. They have excellent follow-up and only present me with candidates that have been thoroughly vetted. Their knowledge of our industry separates them from their peer group.


The Newburgh Group helped solve our Human Resource needs very quickly. All the dealings that I have had with The Newburgh Group were handled very professionally and confidentially. Our bank President and I are more than satisfied with the services that we have received from this firm and rest assured that if we need a recruiting search in the future, we will contact The Newburgh Group again.