Candidate Services

Let The Newburgh Group assist you in locating the opportunity where you will make the greatest impact.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

We literally have hundreds of conversations with the decision makers of companies in your industry each week. This is why we focus on specific industries, so we can be experts in your field. This means that we will be better able to guide you to the best opportunity.


We are not a job board where employers can indiscriminately sift through resumes. We are very respectful of your confidentiality and will not release it to a client without your prior consent.

Interview Coaching

We provide you with key information for your interviews that the competition will not have. This also includes the background on the company, hiring authorities and what they are looking for during the interview. You won't have to do this alone. We are here to help.

Salary Calculator

Are you being paid what you're worth? We know what the fair market value is and what you can expect or request. Try our Salary Calculator now.


The Newburgh Group is your Individual Solutions Partner. If you're ready to improve your life and your career, submit your resume for us to review.