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 “We always live in an uncertain world. What is certain is that the United States will go forward over time.” – Warren Buffett



We at The Newburgh Group hope this note finds you safe and well.  Our hearts and prayers go out to all those that have been impacted by the Coronavirus.


In our 20+ year history as a company we have been through a few challenges, including two recessions and 9-11.  However, we know that the U.S. is resilient and will overcome this latest challenge as well.


Many are moving forward in their hiring but in a different way.  For example, some companies have chosen to do their interviews by video up until their final in person meeting.  Others are using more telephone interviews in groups, panels, etc.


As we move toward a sense of normalcy, most companies are planning to move quickly to bring on their new hires and those that are prepared to do so will see a quicker return on their investment.

The typical search process can take 8 weeks or longer, depending on several factors.


We have also developed an approach for our clients that may assist you in the recruitment process.  We are not only offering our retained search, engaged (hybrid) search, and contingency search options, but are offering something unique to many recruiting firms. 



We have introduced an Executvie Temp prorgram to suit the needs of this new environment. This approach provides your team the option to utilize a professional, experienced candidate to fill a vacant role in your company on a temporary basis.  It also provides the ability to get the work done that may have otherwise gone unfinished or incomplete.

This can be for positions such as a CEO, CFO, CCO, or others such as Mortgage Underwriter, Branch Manager, etc. 


This unique solution also allows the client to get a first-hand look at the candidate and allows the candidate in turn to evaluate the company. It gives both the client and the candidate somewhat of a “Test Drive”.



Feel free to reach out to any of our team for any needs you may have.  We are available for discussions most any time of day. While we are respecting social distancing guidelines, all of our staff have full capabilities from our offices.


Thank you for your continued support and best wishes for a quick turn-around.

Brandon Cooper

President and Partner


At The Newburgh Group, we strengthen the core of your business by helping you locate and hire Impact Players, that 20% of the workforce that makes 80% of the impact on your business. Impact Players bring more than skill; they bring energy and passion and their efforts don't end just because the day does.

Our search consultants have rich, real-life expertise in the industries they serve. Our consultative approach brings together the right combination of resources, expertise, and methodology to match your specific needs.

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Brandon Cooper
President and Partner
What makes Brandon unique from other recruiters? As a candidate, Brandon will never attempt to convince you to take a position that doesn’t line up with your values nor will he waste your time with opportunities that don’t match up to your career aspirations. As a client, Brandon...
David Shreve
Account Executive
David brings a refreshing approach to recruiting. He will always be honest with you about expectations and does not waste your time with “promises” that are unrealistic. He values your time and understands that you are in a competitive business environment that requires your...